The Winemaker

Our wines are made by the well-known and respected winemaker Gary MacLean based in Lovedale in the Hunter Valley. We offer Chambourcin, Chardonnay and Rose, all produced from our estate grown grapes hand-picked right here in the Mograni valley. 


Chambourcin is a French-American hybrid grape. Whilst originally planted in France it is now most widely available in the US and Australia. Chambourcin wines are reknown for their rich plum colouring yet producing a light to medium bodied wine. Aromas of blackberries and cherries complement the earthiness and herbal characters of the wine. It is well balanced red, pairing well with spicy tomato based sauces, seared steak, veal, cheese or chocolate.  It is well suited to the Gloucester region due our high rainfall and humidity thriving on our well-drained loamy hillsides.


Chardonnay originates from the Burgundy region in France. Chardonnay now accounts for half of Australia’s white wine production. Chardonnay thrives in a range of climates and reflects the taste of the climate where it is grown.┬áStyles of Australian Chardonnay have developed over time, our Chardonnay is┬ámade in a crispier, fresher style.

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